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Fearless, Extraordinary, Ridiculously good looking. These words are what Ryan tells himself every morning in the mirror before heading to the office. When he could no longer deny his destiny and the will of becoming an accountant became too strong Ryan left the corporate world of banking and started his journey of becoming an innovative problem solver.

Tax codes and reconciling financials are a love affair for the ages. He’s worked with Start-Ups, Small Businesses, and Internal Audit Groups. When he's not geeking out with numbers and tax laws, Ryan loves to be outdoors camping, boating, and butterfly catching.

He loves interacting with clients and strives to make his client's lives better by trying to make taxes and accounting cool again (sorry Ryan, they were never cool)

Victor Bio



As president and founder of Tax Plus, Victor does more than just taxes and accounting. When he isn't buying more pocket protectors and reading the latest IRS Publications, Victor can be found having a good time on the golf course, UofU tailgating, or herding cats grandkids.

He set out to create a different type of accounting firm, one that allowed him to get to know his clients and become a trusted resource. Given his extensive knowledge of start-ups that were eventually sold for millions, he brings the experience of what small business owners encounter.

Master Jedi in budgets, cash flows, and increasing sales. So it's no wonder his clients may or may not call him the Don Juan of taxes.


Tony, our retired Army Lt. Colonel, always has a story to tell. Please always laugh at his jokes because he thinks he is funny. But he does know his taxes and has decades of crunching numbers and preparing schedules. He’s the OG and one of the original founders of Tax Plus.


Double Trouble, I'm twin #2 and the happiest Grandma in the world. When I am not keeping the boys in line at the office I love to travel to Arizona and get some sun.
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