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Personal Tax Services

Keep More Of Your Money

Tax Plus is in your corner to help you keep more of your hard earned money. We accomplish this by meeting with you and getting to know your situation. Asking the questions necessary to ensure we don’t miss important deductions.


We make it easy, by meeting in person and having real conversations. We make it convenient by scheduling appointments, filing taxes electronically and being here for you year round, not just during the tax season.

Amazing service for individuals and business owners. Victor and Ryan are great at what they do and they focus on helping their clients.

Jairo Gomez

Personal Tax Planning

A vital tool to avoid overpaying on taxes is tax planning. Life changing events can have a big impact on your tax return. Marriage, births, deaths, job changes, divorces can all affect your situation. We are here year around meeting with our clients to avoid surprises. Believe it or not, our goal is to make doing your taxes even more boring by eliminating surprises and unplanned tax bills. Remember tax evasion gets you in trouble whereas tax avoidance gets you a nice vacation.

You must pay taxes. But there’s no law that says you gotta leave a tip.

Morgan Stanley

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Forget all the stress that comes with tax preparation, and let our experts save you more money.

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